Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monogram Mousepad

I had this horrible Office Max mouse pad that i have had for-evvvv-er.  it was coming apart around the edges.  Has been spilled on, written on, ripped up who knows what else... so I decided rather than buying one from someone else or having someone else design me a new one I would try it myself.

Super easy~ I just picked a digital paper and opened it in photoshop.  Choose my font (EcuyerDAX, for this one) and designed my super easy Monogram.  

Remember this was my first try and I think next time I will make my circle and Monogram a little bit smaller but for a mouse pad.......no biggie and I think its pretty cute.  

I sent it to costco to be made and a few days later for under $10 I have a new super cute mouse pad!!!

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