Friday, October 17, 2014

Social Media Kinda Sucks

Don't you hate it when you get on Facebook or Instagram and you see all your fun mommy friends doing things that make you feel bad that you weren't invited or like they have a way more exciting life that you do?

 I have alway had a very jealous personality and I hate it.  I try not to let things bother me but they still do.  Sometimes i'm ok but other times are harder.  Its kinda like "well even if I can't go for whatever reason, it would be nice to have still been invited ".  Then I start over thinking things like "oh well, maybe I'm not as good of friends with that person as I thought I was".....


I was telling my 14 year old daughter today that even when you are a mom you still sometimes have problems with friends or feel left out or are made to feel bad.  Just because you're almost  40 years old that doesn't stop.  You still have feelings and especially when you live away from home and family it can be even harder to see other people out having a great time while you are sitting at home staring at your computer screen.

I would love to hear everyones else's thoughts on this!!!!!

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