Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Kitchen Re-Do

I moved in to my house about a year and a half ago and this is a horrible picture of what my kitchen looked like.  It was very very outdated with purplish/mauve cabinets, teeny tiny double ovens that wouldn't fit a normal size cookie sheet, no disposer, and hardly any cabinet space with no pantry space at all!!! And so the work began! 

We completely gutted the entire kitchen down to the studs on almost all the walls and parts of the ceiling and started over.  Now, I believe I bought the house from the original owner who was something like 96 years old when she moved out and I'm pretty sure everything was almost original including the dead mice we found hardened behind the sheet rock that we pulled out.  Yuck! 

These two pictures are how the kitchen looks now except these pictures were taken before I put the cabinet hardware on.  Don't mind the mess i'm still working on washing all the dishes and figuring out where to put everything.  I have so much more cabinet space now I don't know what to do!!!

So, I went to Home Depot and had somebody come out to the house and help me redesign the kitchen.  Once we figured out how we could lay it out with more cabinet space I ordered unfinished cabinets that I could finish myself.  Wow, what  a hard decision trying to choose what color to paint them.  I really wanted a fun color like yellow or grey but went with this antique white just thinking about resell value as I know I won't be in this house forever.  

I had to pull up all of the lanoliem that was on the floor which was a horrible job because there was so much glue and staples that had to pulled out and scrapped off that it took months really.  I really didn't want hardwood like the rest of the house and really wanted a checkerboard kitchen floor but couldn't find the colors and kind of tile I wanted so I opted for ceramic tile that looks like hardwood and I really love it and it goes well with the new cabinets.  Yay for all new appliances except for little handprints on the stainless steel that has to be cleaned off constantly.  

I'm so happy this is almost over!!!!

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